Quality Assurance Task Force
Scope of work
  • Entangled Solutions has assembled a task force of educational thought leaders with the goal of establishing quality assurance standards for non-traditional learning providers. It aims to drive industry-wide accountability and transparency in this exciting time of emergent, outcome-focused learning solutions. The task force is convening to codify and publish a draft of the standards for public comment, then finalize the standards after a reconciliation period. After this process is complete, the task force will focus on supporting the creation of a nonprofit entity tasked with maintaining and updating the standards.

    The standards are open for public comment June 14 - July 31, 2017.

Hack Reactor Core/EQUIP
Scope of work
  • Reactor Core engaged Entangled Solutions to serve as a strategic consultant shepherding them through the EQUIP application process and ultimately serving as the outcome management QAE (Quality Assurance Entity) if the application were accepted. Entangled’s direct line to decision-makers at the Department of Education, ability to facilitate a relationship between University of Texas at Austin and Reactor Core, and leadership on application writing led to the successful submission and ultimate acceptance into the EQUIP program.

  • 1 out of only 8 applications selected to participate in EQUIP program.
  • Mentions in Wall Street Journal and other major publications.
Bellevue University
Scope of work
  • Entangled Solutions works directly with Bellevue’s President, Mary Hawkins, as a thought partner to evaluate potential initiatives, execute new projects and initiatives as they arise, as well as make strategic introductions, as needed. To date, Entangled has driven a major outcome-based revision of the University’s strategic plan and built a highly visual website that is optimized for mobile devices. In addition, after extensive due diligence, Entangled advised against a major initiative that would have cost the university up to a million dollars with very little return.

  • Advised on Bellevue’s strategic plan and built an interactive microsite to promote the 2020 Strategic Plan.
  • $750K saved by not investing in a project that wouldn’t bear fruit.
  • Bellevue’s Human Capital Lab was featured in a Forbes article on digital learning authored by Michael Horn.
World Economic Forum/Matterfund
Scope of work
  • The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Education engaged Entangled Solutions because it wanted to build a platform that helped scale education innovations in the developing world. Entangled incubated every aspect of the initiative, including concepting, product development, entity structuring, fundraising, and marketing. The result was Matterfund, a breakthrough platform with the potential to transform education funding around the world.

  • 132 organizations enrolled and 1,600 profiles created.
  • $149 million in funding currently represented on the platform.
  • Coverage secured in TechCrunch and EdSurge.
Digital Promise
Scope of work
  • Digital Promise is a nonprofit organization with the mission of accelerating innovation in education to improve opportunities to learn. Last year, Digital Promise commissioned a report on the adult education market, titled “Accelerating Change.” Digital Promise engaged Entangled Solutions to commission a follow-up to that report focused on informing entrepreneurs about the challenges and opportunities faced when entering the adult education market.

Nonprofit Education Investor
Scope of work
  • Entangled Solutions teamed up with a nonprofit corporation that has worked to enhance preparation for, access to, and success in postsecondary education for the last 60 years. Recently, its board approved a high-level strategy that encompasses a significant investment in both internal initiatives and external M&A to better leverage both institutional and consumer data. Entangled Solutions designed a comprehensive strategic plan to present to its Board of Directors.

  • Developed comprehensive strategic plan.
  • Presented the plan to the Board of Directors.
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